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How Genealogical Societies Can Collaborate

The Carnival of Genealogical Societies, 2nd edition has listed a wonderful topic. It is “Does your society collaborate with other societies (genealogical, historical, lineage, etc.) Or groups? (Local library, family history center) Why or why not? What works or needs improvement?”


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19th Ed. Smile for the Camera – First Mama Pics from MacKenzie

Introducing my first pic of new granddaughter, MacKenzie due anyday now. This is the best holiday gift.
(19th Edition of Smile for the Camera)

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Bolivar Lee Shook, “Cabin on the Hill”

My 2nd great grand-uncle, Noah Washington Shook, had a son, Bolivar Lee Shook. He wrote the song, “Cabin on the Hill”, recorded by Flatt and Scruggs.

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My Irish Surnames: Are you Lucky?

“Lucky You” if any of my Irish surnames matches yours! And “Lucky Me” as well. Here are my Irish surnames.

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Gtownma’s Genealogy Blogging Prompt #1

I have decided to participate in the weely blogging where we are given a topic to blog about. I chose this picture of my five brothers. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. We all live all over and this was one of the last times that all my brothers were together.

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Oh Baby! – Give Us a Smile!

Michael Before Blessing

This is my 21 year old son Michael.  This photo was taken right before we left to get his baby blessing. He was so cute.  I still have this little outfit that my other two kids wore on their blessings.

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55th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy

This carnival is a “Show & Tell”.  I have chosen a picture I found of my mom (Betty Helen Roaten Smith McKinnis) and dad (Marlow Roger Smith) about a month before they got married.  This puts the photo taken about May 1960.  I was even told this may have been the dress she was married in.  The photo was taken in front of my dad’s house in Booneville, Prentiss County, MS.  Although they are not presently married, they are still best friends and they frequently double date with their new spouses.  I was born in May 1961, so almost a year later from the time this picture was taken I came into the world.  Yeah…. This is the only picture from that time that I know of that has them together.  I am so happy that I found it.

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