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THE GREAT AMERICAN LOCAL POEM GENEALOGY CHALLENGE! I am submitting poem by Patricia Neely-Dorsey, “Southern Life”. Enjoy.


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19th Ed. Smile for the Camera – First Mama Pics from MacKenzie

Introducing my first pic of new granddaughter, MacKenzie due anyday now. This is the best holiday gift.
(19th Edition of Smile for the Camera)

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Casefile Clues Assessment

Casefile Clues is Michael John Neill’s weekly how-to genealogy column. Casefile Clues is not copied and pasted text from other articles or press-releases. Rather, it is fresh material drawn from Michael’s own research experiences in nearly twenty states and seven foreign countries. Casefile Clues discusses the thought process of how to analyze and interpret documents; how to problem-solve; and how to decide “where to go next.”

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Netbook Review

Cheryl Rothwell, Illinois Gen Web coordinator, gives her review of Netbooks.

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Sins and Appropriate Punishments (according to me)

One of our stories we are reading are discussings sins and punishment. For fun, our teacher told us in our discussion (this is an online class) to lists some things we feel should maybe be sins and the appropriate punishment. Here are some of my ideas. What are yours?

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Saturday Night Fun: Halloween Memory

Saturday Night Fun with Genea-Musings is to tell about our Halloween moments. Here a a few of mine.

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Black Genealogical or Historical Societies

The International Black Genealogy Summit(IBGS)is meeting this week (October 29-31, 2009) at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I wanted to learn more about the IBGS and share some resources with you.

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