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What a Day!

Woke up this morning to take my husband for some tests. He has had Ulcerative Colitis since his teens. We arrived at the Dr. figuring we would have a long wait, but they took him back pretty quickly. I had taken my laptop to work on organizing my desktop, but to my surprise the Dr. office had wireless. So, I played on Facebook a while. Then I met a couple from Ripley, TN that was there. The man, Sam, and I started discussing, what else, Genealogy. His wife was called back on tests, and soon I had him sitting next to me looking up his ancestors. He had done a little bit of research in the past. Of course, just went we were really having fun (I had almost forgotten why I was there), they called me to go back to be with my husband. I gave Sam my business card and had his email from where I was emailing him some of the lookups we had previously found. Best time I’ve had in a waiting room! For more about my day, read more…


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