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Reuniting Families: Dead or Alive

I had an awesome experience this past week.  I am helping a friend of mine discover her family roots.  Much to the dismay of my friend, Barb, I often volunteer my services at no charge.  Just loving having a family to research.  As I said in an earlier post, I am a genealogy addict, was not just words, FACT.

Anyways, I had been doing her family and got to where I was hitting bricks.  She is African American and was pretty basic research following the census as best I could to the 1870 census.  The male  lines were pretty easy, but of course the maiden names of gg grandmothers were hard to come by.  I had quit working on her lines for the last 3-4 weeks.  With school starting back, and knowing I’d see her again, I went back to the lines.  Just in that short few weeks, a new posting had been put on Ancestry.  One of my brick walls on her grandmother was there, the maiden name.  But, some things did not match up, so I was not wanting to just take what she said without proof.

After a couple emails, the researcher on  Ancestry cleared up my questions.  She was a cousin to my friend and had lost her contact information.  They had corresponded a year or so ago and lost touch.  It was great to be able to get permission and provide the contact information to this lady and reunite this family.  So, not only did I solve a link and add a couple more generations to this friend’s family roots, but reunited her and her mom to a cousin.  Is it just me, or do others get just as excited over things such as this.  My kids just roll their eyes as I tell them of my excitement…LOL

And, although, the money is nice, I feel like I was paid.  And it goes to show you, if you are hitting brick walls, just put the family down for a week or so, maybe it will take longer, but eventually someone else might just post something that will help you continue with your research.  This just took less than a month, but I’ve had cases where it was almost 2 years later, and I get an email from a message board telling me someone answered my post I did years before and there is that missing element I so needed to continue. 

So, any Fralicks out there from Autauga County, AL, please hurry up and post something I need so I can finally break that Fralick brick wall.  LOL.  To summarize, I am just as excited to reunite the living as I am discovering a family that has died several years ago.


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Getting the Family Involved in Family Research

There are those times when it is a great idea to get the rest of the family involved in Family Research. Explaining to them what family history is, and why you do it, may take the mystery out of it. It may make them more understanding of what you do. What can you do to include the rest of the family in your genealogical research? Here are some ideas:

• Frame a pedigree. Each night give a story about each generation.
• Show your ancestors on the census. Tell the family what some of the columns represent and what it tells you about your ancestors.
• Have a night to dress up like your ancestor, serve a meal they may have eaten.

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Termini-Imerese, Sicily

Are your ancestor’s from Termini Imerese, Sicily.  Check out my article for more information about this beautiful place.

Tina Sansone

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Michael with his Hats & Crazy Hair


For the 5th Edition Smile For The Camera – A Carnival Of Images, we are to show our ancestors or family with their hats or hair.  I chose my son, Michael, as he use to love to wear hats and he has gone thru some crazy hair styles.

Michael, loved wearing HATS when he was 3.  During his teens, we went thru some stressful times, but he wore his Graduation Cap with pride and made me one PROUD MOM!

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Store of Yesteryear – T G & Y

Genea-Bloggers is hosting an event where we think of a store we went to that is no longer in business.

One of the first stores I thought of was one in Memphis called T G & Y.  As a kid we always said we were going to the “turtles, girdles & yoyo” store.  After a while we actually believed it.  I just knew as a kid, Mom would always get us a toy when shopping there.  LOL

I googled T G & Y and here is what wikipedia said:  “TG&Y was a five and dime, or variety store, chain in the United States. The chain was named for its three founders: Rawdon E. Tomlinson, Enoch L. “Les” Gosselin, and Raymond A. Young. The initials were ordered according to the age of the three, with Tomlinson being the oldest. Founded in 1935, the chain was headquartered in Oklahoma City. At its peak, there were more than 900 stores.

In 2001, the chain filed bankruptcy and eventually all stores were closed. Among consumers, it often had the nickname of “Turtles, Girdles, and Yo-Yos” (alternately: “Tulsa, Garden & Yard”), referring to one of the first stores in which a consumer could get products of various varieties.

In the final years of the chain and as the stores deteriorated in both appearance and cleanliness, shoppers sometimes referred to the chain as “Tacky, Gross and Yucky.” It was also known to kids as “Toys, Games, and Yo Yo’s.”

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Music of my Teens – 1970’s

The Soundtracks of My Salad Days is a blog that has scheduled an event to list the 10 most important music albums of our teenage years.  I had to really think about this as it has been some time (but, NOT that long ago) that I was in my teens.  LOL 

After giving it some thought, here is my list– in no particular order:

1. John Lennon

2. The Beatles

3. Genesis

4. Devo

5. Van Halen

6. Beach Boys

7. Michael Jackson

8. Fleetwood Mac

9. Saturday Night Fever

10. Sytx

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Genealogy Addiction

My name is Tina Sansone and I am an addict, a genealogy addict.  I had my laptop in the shop since Friday and got it back an hour ago.  This past weekend I went thru some major withdrawals.  Although I checked my emails on my son’s computer, I never was on his long enough to try and do any writing or research.  On Saturday and Sunday I felt lost.  I tried to read but lost interest fast.  I did manage to do some reading in the Pro Gen book and think about contracts, etc.  But, mainly just vegetate on the couch catching up on Lifetime movies.

Maybe it is also because a week ago today my daughter moved.  Before, when she left, it was to college so I knew she would end up coming home, But, this is different as she is moving to Florida to live.  And, Tropical Storm Fay is heading that way which makes me nervous for her.  Of course, she is near Orlando, so not in direct danger. 

I had someone send me mail, which fascinates me to get these days, as usually it is email.  She found me on Familysearch and we have common ancestors.  I need to get her requested information that was on my laptop and send it to her. 

Well, I am a happy camper today as I have my security blanket back.  I do realize I need to reset my priorities and not be SO addicted to this laptop and genealogical research.  My son recently told me if he was dead I would make him a meal, even if it was midnight!  I can’t seem to recall current facts but I know Fred Paige Smith was born in Georgia in 1845!  Am I alone in this addiction?  Do we need an AA program for the genealogy addicts.

Well, I don’t think my husband and family would mind so much if money came with the obsession.  So, I am motivated to try and get that certification this year!  Then, the addiction will change over to being a career!!!

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