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William Dollarhide Name Lists Books on Sale Thru March 23

Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC released the following on a GREAT Sale!

All Dollarhide Name List books, Alabama Thru Iowa, are on Sale, including the PDF eBooks. All Purchasers Receive an Immediate PDF eBook Download, allowing Instant Research! And FREE USA Shipping on Orders of $50 or more! This Sale Ends Sunday, March 23 at Midnight MDT.


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1940 U.S. Census Discoveries

On April 2, 2012 the 1940 Census was released! It has been a very exciting time to both Index and also search out the families I research. I would like to share with you the exciting things I have discovered!

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Feel Good Feeling Indexing the 1940 Census

We all like to have that “feel good feeling” for doing something worthwhile and helpful. Come learn how you can get that “feel good feeling” helping index the 1940 census!

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Thoughts of my day July 28, 2011

Thoughts of my Day are occasional blogs I will write telling my thoughts and feelings for that day.

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Genealogy Books

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver is to source and transcribe the first paragraph of the last genealogy related book you read. Will be interesting to see everyone’s submissions! Another great challenge from Genea-Musings!

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Hepsey Beanna Thorn Cox & Mary Martha Hallmark Shook

Hepsey Beanna Thorn Cox & Mary Martha Hallmark Shook picture and short bio.

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Kim Cattrall, WDYTYA Review

Kim Cattrall was featured recently on the show Who Do You Think You Are? (WDYTYA). It was a very emotional episode which examined her family’s feelings as a result of a husband/father leaving a wife and three young daughters during the depression. He had moved about three hours away, remarried and raised another family never looking back and financially supporting his first family. As Kim Cattrall researched what happened to her missing grandfather, all the emotions that had been bottled up for many years began to resurface.

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