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Store of Yesteryear – T G & Y

Genea-Bloggers is hosting an event where we think of a store we went to that is no longer in business.

One of the first stores I thought of was one in Memphis called T G & Y.  As a kid we always said we were going to the “turtles, girdles & yoyo” store.  After a while we actually believed it.  I just knew as a kid, Mom would always get us a toy when shopping there.  LOL

I googled T G & Y and here is what wikipedia said:  “TG&Y was a five and dime, or variety store, chain in the United States. The chain was named for its three founders: Rawdon E. Tomlinson, Enoch L. “Les” Gosselin, and Raymond A. Young. The initials were ordered according to the age of the three, with Tomlinson being the oldest. Founded in 1935, the chain was headquartered in Oklahoma City. At its peak, there were more than 900 stores.

In 2001, the chain filed bankruptcy and eventually all stores were closed. Among consumers, it often had the nickname of “Turtles, Girdles, and Yo-Yos” (alternately: “Tulsa, Garden & Yard”), referring to one of the first stores in which a consumer could get products of various varieties.

In the final years of the chain and as the stores deteriorated in both appearance and cleanliness, shoppers sometimes referred to the chain as “Tacky, Gross and Yucky.” It was also known to kids as “Toys, Games, and Yo Yo’s.”


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