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Old Newspaper Fascination

This week I went to the Tennessee Genealogical Society to do some newspaper abstracting from a couple Tennessee counties around 1875. I had just taken some history classes in college, so I was fascinated in what was going on in this old newspaper compared to what was going on in the world at this time. Guess what I found!


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Genealogical Value of Tombstones

Death is a very sorrowful time, but when it does occur, it will generate sources we can use in our genealogical endeavors. It is important for us that are living; to ponder what documents will be generated at our death. Do members of your family know what data to give for your death certificate? How many times have I seen a death certificate with the wrong parents listed because the person giving the information did not know; they may have thought they knew their wife’s mother, but was in reality a step mom. We need to make sure these things are written down for our family members or close friends to be able to answer those questions correctly when the time arises.

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Familysearch Record Updates for May 22, 2010

FamilySearch Records has been adding more records to its database. When you visit their website, a red star will be next to those newly added or updated records. Here are the latest US updates. Here are some records that have been either updated or being added in the United States!

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Having Fun with Genealogy

Genealogy is a passion for many of us. Many of us also do arts and crafts. What could be more fun than to try and combine the two passions!

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Casefile Clues Discount for Gtownma’s Genealogy Readers

Casefile Clues has offered the readers of Gtownma’s Genealogy a wonderful opportunity. Michael John Neill is offering Gtownma’s Genealogy readers the special rate of $14.50 for year’s subscription. ($2.50 savings off regular price)

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Genealogy Books For Your Home Library

Genealogy books and research guides are an important addition to any genealogist’s home library.

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How Genealogical Societies Can Collaborate

The Carnival of Genealogical Societies, 2nd edition has listed a wonderful topic. It is “Does your society collaborate with other societies (genealogical, historical, lineage, etc.) Or groups? (Local library, family history center) Why or why not? What works or needs improvement?”

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