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The Federation of Genealogical Societies 2009 Conference

The Federations of Genealogical Societies annouces their 2009 Genealogy Conference in Little Rock, AR!


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Building For Others

Building for others as you do your genealogical research is very important. Many genealogist wonder why the need to document everything they research-whether a negative or positive source. It is so important to remember that you just never know who may be coming behind you years from now. Will they be able to find the information you have recorded to prove your research?

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Proximidade Award Presentations

I was honored when Judith Shubert of Genealogy Traces presented me with the Proximidade Award. It is very much appreciated.

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I Am Taking Time to say “Merry Christmas” and Thinking of Others

In all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I just wanted to take time to wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas. But, I am also giving thoughts on those who are having a tough time this year.

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I am thankful for (fill in name) because….

I am thankful for my grandmother for all the meals she made while she was alive.  She always had 3-4 meats, several veges, all kinds of pies and cakes and much more.  The smell of breakfast cooking will remain with me all my life.  I’ve never tasted gravy as good as hers, but my cousin Jill almost has it down for which I am thankful.  My grandmother would wake up early to cook and go to bed late getting ready for the next day.  Oh, and her fried chicken was sooo good. 

So, my thanks goes to Mamma, Sarah Bonnie Murphy Smith (1915-2002)

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I Was Genealogically Tagged by Cheryl!

Tag – You’re It!

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings started a game of tag.
I was tagged by Cheryl Rothwell
I need to learn how this site’s HTML works!

10 Years Ago I

# just moved into my new home in Germantown, TN
# Started my cleaning business
# My kids were 11, 10 and 5 (where did the time go?)
# bought my first new computer

# celebrated my 13 year aniversay.

5 Things on Today’s To-DO List

Finish Transcription homwork
Do my Genealogy article for Bellaonline
Do my SW article and email to editor
Take a shower, maybe this should be first on to do list!
Spend time with kids

5 Snacks I Enjoy

Dr Pepper with anything almost

Pringle butter honey sticks
Pringle wheat sticks
cheese nips

5 Places I Have Lived

Southaven, MS
Memphis, TN
Provo, Utah
Hernando, MS
Booneville, MS

5 Jobs I Have Had

Business Forms Consultant

Nurse Apprentice
IRS Clerk
Cleaning Business 
5 Blogs I Tag to Play

Genealogy Reviews Online

Renee’s Genealogy Blog
Life in Possum Hollar
Writing Your Memories
Irish Family History

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I received this email from Barry J. Ewell and wanted to pass it along to you:

Over the last couple years, I have met genealogists world-wide through conference presentations, genealogy research, and common interest to help one another in our search for ancestors.  The focus of this email is simply to let you know that a new and exciting genealogy website will launch in the fall of 2008.

 What is is a world-class website designed to provide genealogists with how-to resources. has been two years in the planning and development.  You’ll find hundreds of knowledge-based articles, podcasts, and videos to help genealogists with their research.  

What am I asking of you?

1.    Please register your email to receive the announcement when my launches.  In addition you will be given free access to free premium content.

 2.    Please share the news that is coming with others you think will have an interest. 

Kindest regards, 

Barry J. Ewell

September 20, 2008 at 9:32 pm 1 comment

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