Thoughts of my day July 28, 2011

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Barb and I went a few weeks ago to host a table at the Millington YMCA’s health fair. We had our family history flyers out and had a great time talking genealogy to those who stopped by. While other booths I have been too had a small gathering, the Millington YMCA had quite a crowd. I was pleasantly surprised. We had those who visited us sign up for a door prize. The door prize was a FREE Family History package. A sweet lady won and we are finally getting her information to work on her family.

While I will not discuss the family information due to privacy, I have learned a lot doing this family. I was really excited that this family was from my county, so I am familiar with available records. But, as I get further back, I research in the Colbert and Cherokee, Alabama areas, so I am learning what records are available for them there. One reason I love to research new families is learning the records for their family’s locations. I currently have about 3 generations on all lines and 4 generations on a couple others. This is an African American family and it so frustrates me that I can not get beyond that 1870 brick wall. But, I will try.

At the beginning of the month, I had a job interview. While I was not as qualified for the job as he wanted, we ended up spending most of the interview time discussing, what else, genealogy. He has worked on his lines and emailed me his brick wall. While I have made some headway, this one is a brick wall made of thick cement! Need my steel boots for kicking this one down.

One of my best friends here in town got her some chickens today. I am excited to go to her house tomorrow to see them. She said she might name one after me. Never had a chicken named after me. My grandmother, Sarah Bonnie Murphy Smith, from Booneville, Prentiss County, MS had chickens. When I would spend the summers with her, I remember her calling them, “here chick chick chick” as she threw the corn about the yard. I also remember me and my brothers getting in trouble for chasing them around the yard. She said we would stress them to death. As far as I know we never were the cause of one to die.

I talked to a genealogy publisher today about doing more book reviews. Very excited to get to read all these great books, some written by researchers I know. It is also a chance for me to read some books that will make me go outside my comfort zone. I am not really familiar with military and war. But, after taking Craig Scott’s Military course at IGHR Samford this past June, I feel ready to read these books on wars and military and maybe understand what I am reading and do an honest review…..

I also learned about a great new website this week, Historical Truth101. I love the goals of this website – to interview and write articles about historical men, women and events both of the living and those who have passed. I look forward to reading their articles and watching the videos. Angela Broyles and her team have a winning website on their hands. I did do a website review for BellaOnline on Historical Truth 101 HERE.

This week my son in law, Nathaniel Cox, graduated from his Boot Camp in South Carolina. He was a part of the Foxtrot Company 1-34. My daughter and granddaughter went there to see him. It has been great having them stay with us while he is there. It will be sad when they have to go, but I know she will be glad to finally have a home with her husband back with them. I am very proud of Nathan and everyone that had served their country.

Well, I am considering going to bed, but I usually get my best research done when everyone else is in the bed. I still have quite a bit of reading to catch up on. I received my copy of NGSQ yesterday and purchased at Border’s liquidation a copy of Family Tree Magazine (looking forward to reading Michael Hait’s article). Tami did a great job explaining what Second Life was all about, gradually I will get the hang of it. Glad I had my clothes on tonite when visiting this virtual world of the Family History Center. Something about walking around naked at the Family History Center just does not sit well with me, virtual or not.

Just realize I have not answered a BellaOnline email about an Ebook issue. I am so excited to be doing this, need to remember to follow up better. Off to go take care of it. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow might bring hanging out with Barb and the chickens!


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