July 10, 2011 Thoughts for the Day

July 11, 2011 at 10:19 am 1 comment

It is hard to believe that July is almost half way thru. Where has the beginning of Summer gone? I sort of wish IGHR was in July so that would give me something to look forward to. I was hoping to visit my Aunt and cousins in Booneville, MS on Tuesday for an overniter, but time will tell, My son, Mitchell, 18, has come down with some bug. Sore throat running 102.2 fever. What is up with that! Marcy and Kenzie are returning from a week of house sitting at my sisters, and the last thing they need is to get sick. I guess I’ll keep in quarantine in his bedroom. So sad. Glad we are stocked up on the soup and juices.

I have been busy since being made Ebook Manager at BellaOnline. Very exciting to do this! Although it is off the Genealogy Path, I love going outside my box. It gives me opportunities to use what I was taught in college in English, Computer Classes and yes, that Basic HTML class I took JUST FOR ME. Best decision I made. It was not part of my major, but I wanted to be able to understand the principals behind the bold, italic, bullets, etc. I am still learning, but at least now I have a basic understanding of it. Who knows, maybe I will take another class one day!

I also have been doing some reading to do Book Reviews on for my BellaOnline Genealogy site. I enjoy reading, so I might need to go to bed early to get some reading done. I even hit some yard sales around 6 am Saturday am and found a great non-genealogy book I plan on reading. But, you know if I can I’ll put some kind of family history twist to it and review it too.

I am on Facebook way too much. How do I know this? I’ll be on other websites, like in a BellaOnline forum, like what someone says, and there I am, searching for that “LIKE” button. Drives me nuts.

A good friend, Michael Hait, just announced his getting the BCG certification. I need a good kick as to why I just don’t get mine finished. I start and life just gets in the way. What does Elissa call that, “life interuptus” or something like that??? I would like to get it done while I still have my memory of the dates and places, etc!

My sister just called and they are going to the Zoo tomorrow. I can’t recall the last time I went. But, not sure if I will go. Got to work and it is oh, so hot. It is almost 6 pm and the temps is 93 degrees, that does not count the index factor, probably close to 100! I was in the pool last weekend with friend from High School, Susan McKinna Strong, and stupid me, did not wear sunscreen. I also forgot a med for Blood Pressure I just got on a few months ago says “stay out of sunlight”. So, now I am peeling and scarring. Will the itching ever end. I should’ve used that vinegar I was told to use. The Gold Bond lotion has really helped at this stage though.

Well, enough for now. I was quite proud of myself as on Friday night I made me a “to do” list and I pretty much wiped it out. I guess the plan is to do a “to do” list for the weekends! Top of the list, not counting family things of course, they will always come first, is Research and Writing!


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  • 1. Sheri Fenley  |  July 11, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Thanks for filling me in on what you’ve been doing. I wish that I could sit back and enjoy the down time I have. Things are really slow during the summer and instead of enjoying the time off, I find myself getting depressed. Maybe I need a pool. Right now I fill up the wheelbarrow with water and plop myself down! LOL

    Miss you!


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