What a Day!

May 21, 2011 at 4:15 am Leave a comment

Woke up this morning to take my husband for some tests. He has had Ulcerative Colitis since his teens. We arrived at the Dr. figuring we would have a long wait, but they took him back pretty quickly. I had taken my laptop to work on organizing my desktop, but to my surprise the Dr. office had wireless. So, I played on Facebook a while. Then I met a couple from Ripley, TN that was there. The man, Sam, and I started discussing, what else, Genealogy. His wife was called back on tests, and soon I had him sitting next to me looking up his ancestors. He had done a little bit of research in the past. Of course, just went we were really having fun (I had almost forgotten why I was there), they called me to go back to be with my husband. I gave Sam my business card and had his email from where I was emailing him some of the lookups we had previously found. Best time I’ve had in a waiting room!

John’s Dr. came in and gave him a Great report. While the biopsies are not in for a couple weeks, he felt pretty sure he was cancer free and great shape. In fact, he may even come OFF his meds, could be in remission.. Whoohooo.

We decided to take the boys and go get breakfast at IHOPS. It was alot of fun and I ate WAY too much.

The Pool Man was at the house, so we should have the pool open today, with all new equipment, etc. I did not swim much last year, but might just use the pool this year. Next house we buy will probably not have a pool, as the kids are grown, and it is alot of work to keep it up. We are in the process of updating our home, so if we ever do get to the point to move, we will be ready. If not, we will have a nice updated home to live in.

We also bought Mitchell a beautiful red sports car for Graduation, a Hyundai Tiburon. I am telling him often to drive slow and safe. I am so use to driving my big Windstar minivan, it scares me to drive in these little two door cars. But, he loves it and as long as he is smart and safe, he should be fine. Here is a picture of it:

Well, it is not even noon yet and I have had quite a day. I am looking forward to tonight’s Blog Talk Radio session that will be hosted by DearMYRTLE. I enjoy the chatting with fellow GeneaBloggers. After a hard week, helps to start the weekend off and unwind some. Plus, I have met some great friends on this chat as well as the FGS chat on Blog Talk Radio. But, that is another blog.


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