School Sales to Stock Genealogy Items

July 20, 2009 at 1:53 pm Leave a comment

School is starting up again in just a few weeks. The stores are having their “Back to School” specials, and students are not the only ones taking advantage of these savings.

Some stores have savings of over 50%!

This is a wonderful time for genealogists to take inventory of their supplies. Here are a few items you may want to consider stocking up on:

Pens & pencils,
Notebook paper
Computer Paper
Stapler and staples
Glue and tape
Compact Discs
Composition pads
Storage boxes
Manila folders
Appointment books & Agendas
Bulletin board and/or dry erase board
Poster board
Computer ink/cartridge
Some store may offer excellent deals on Computers/Laptops & Printers
Fax Machines
Computer Desk & chair
Card Table
Organizational items
Index Cards & Box

Just think about those items you use when doing your research. Will they be on sale during the “school sales”? If so, take advantage and stock up!

Another thing to start thinking about: Genealogy classes this next summer.
Samford University in Birmingham has an excellent genealogy session. You can get a whole weeks worth of classes, food and housing for about $400. Now is the time to start planning for Samford, or the genealogy conferences coming up. Do you have family who wonder what to give you for Christmas or a birthday? Let them know you would love to attend a genealogy class.

Now that the kids are in school, why not consider taking a genealogy class online? has some wonderful classes. The National Genealogy Society offers a great course in beginning and intermediate genealogy. Whether you are researching for yourself or as a professional, these classes can greatly benefit your genealogical research. Brigham Young University offers family history classes. BYU also offers an online genealogy conference that you can subscribe to.

Now that the kids are in school, you may find that extra time to volunteer at your local family history center or genealogy society. They can always use the extra hands and are willing to train you in what needs to be done.

Schooltime is here, and hopefully you can educate yourself alongside your children!


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