Contemplating Death

July 5, 2009 at 2:51 pm 1 comment

This past week has made me think of what will happen when I die. Not the “afterdeath” experience, but “ME” here on the Earth after I have gone.

It is during weeks like this I am glad I did not become famous. I would hate to have my life exposed like Michael Jackson and to a lesser extent Farrah Fawcell and Ed McMahon. Here at death, every good thing is mentioned, but also every flaw and mistake they have made are brought to light and discussed to the core. I feel for their famiilies as they are the ones left to deal with the horror of it all. While they are grieving, they have to deal. I would not wish that on anyone, especially MY family and friends.

I take time now to wonder if I had been famous, what sins of mine would be brought to light. But, also what have I done that is good that would be discussed. I recommit to making sure my time I have left is lived as best I can so my family and friends won’t have to suffer; l would not want my skeletons to be brought to light as Michael’s are right now.

This week the following questions have come to mind:

Do I have an updated will?
Does my family know what to do with my genealogy data I have collected?
Do they know who to contact at my death regarding my writing commitments and blogs? Genealogical Societies?
Am I getting health physicals and taking the required medications I’ve been prescribed to keep healthy; taking my vitamins?
Does my family know how I would like my headstone to read, what music I would like played at my funeral?

Most importantly, do my family and friends know how I feel about them? Do they know I love them or will they question this at my death? While I don’t expect to be celebrated as Elvis on each birthday and death anniversary, will anyone remember me on my birthdays, death and holidays? Will anyone wipe away the dust from my headstone?

Maybe it is the fireworks going off triggering thoughts of bombs going off; North Korea shooting off missles, the threat of severe weather, several prominent people dying this past week, thinking of our brave men giving their life for my freedom, or this headache I have had all day– but the above thoughts are on my mind tonite.

Do you have thoughts like these as well, or am I alone?



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  • 1. Martha  |  July 6, 2009 at 8:57 am

    i too have been thinking thease thoughts. However I have always been taught never to speak ill of the dead, trhis has been engraved in me.
    I only wish to speak of praying for the deceased family, and friends. and to say ,their for the grace of God go I. I think people are not all christians, and some don’t know any better to just talk loosely, nor to think before they speak, we must always remember that once words are out you can’t take them back. The bible say the tonuge words can kill.

    I am thinking about all things you mentioned above, and seriously thinking about not puting things off, trying to deal with them daily as they present themselves. Your words are seriously taken , for seriousl thoughts. We never know when
    that time will be. We don’t know that day or hour.


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