Family Stories

April 28, 2009 at 4:47 am 1 comment

Family stories, everybody loves to read or hear about them. As I do my family research, and those of you who are genealogists, whether by profession or hobbiest, we come across some unique stories. Sometimes they are not written down in story format, but we learn things about our family or those we are researching.

For example, we learn by documenting the census our ancestor’s migration patterns. I did a family friend’s history who only knew her family lived out West. Well, documenting via the census showed one year they lived in the South. No one in this generation knew this. A story is now ready for her to write for future generations. Where did they live in the South? What brought them there? Why did they move back out West? Were any births, deaths or marriages occur in the South? This is one example of how a story can be formed.

You do not have to be a professional writer to do this. In your own words tell what you have learned. It is important to document where you found your informaton for future generations who may want to view your sources. While a basic description could provide sufficient data, take some time to learn the proper way to document your sources. Once you start documenting your sources appropriately, it will be an easy thing to do and help your descendants view the records you have used — whether it is the census, a birth certificate or family bible.

As you write these stories, put them in your journal or a safe place. Write about your grandmother and how she may have fed the chickens, your cousin who ran away and joined the army, or your brother who loved to sit in a corner all day and read. There are many stories all around you whether current, or those you discover as you do your research.

Also, consider putting these stories out there for others to read. I have done this and had others write me about similar family occurances. I have met new cousins doing this. Start up a blog and write your family stories on them.

So, what are you waiting for. Pick up that pen, grab that paper, or sit at your computer and write about your discoveries!

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Essie Mae Hester Family Reaction to Genealogy

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  • 1. Michele Arduengo  |  October 20, 2009 at 11:24 am

    I put together an extensive family cookbook, and when I asked family members for their recipes, I asked them to include a story to go with it. The result was a 200+ page cookbook with family recipes and stories. I peppered the pages with tidbits that I had gleaned from genealogy research as well. It has turned out to be a delightful treasure, especially as I cook with my daughter and share the recipes and stories with her.


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