Bellaonline Genealogy Chat: Starting November 9th

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Genealogy @ Bellaonline is going to start having genealogy chats to give its members a place to discuss their research questions. There are several reasons why discussing a genealogy problem or plan with someone might help.

A. Another researcher may have already broken that brick wall you are hitting now.
B. Comparison of surnames might introduce you to a distant cousin researching the same family ties as you.
C. Researchers from different locales could come together to help each other. Someone in Tennessee might chat with someone in California who could look up a document for them.
D. A place for beginners to learn tips from those more experienced researchers.
E. To learn about genealogy events coming up.
F. Chats can occasionally be specialized for a certain group. For example, African American, Native American, Italian, Adoptions or the many other groups.
G. Case Studies on research projects can be discussed and analyzed.
H. Chats can be held to help those interested in becoming certified, accredited or becoming professional.
I. Genealogy related books or magazines can be discussed.
J. A chance for you to moderate a chat on a topic you are familiar with.
K. Special guests that can help us in our research endeavors.
L. Invite your friends and introduce them to family research.
M. Plus much more…….

The first chat will be announced on the genealogy forum. The genealogy forum is a great place to list suggested topics you might be interested in. If a chat has to be canceled, this is the place where that would be listed. The schedule will be the second and fourth Sunday evenings, at 6 PM EST.

In order to enter the chat, you will need to do a FREE registration for the Bellaonline forums. Your forum name and password will get you into the chat rooms. Once you are in the chat room, you can pick an icon if you wish. If you are a private/shy person, you can remain anonymous if you wish. You can communicate via your forum name you have chosen. Bellaonline has weekly chats that you are welcome to visit. You might visit one before the genealogy chat to make sure you know how to enter the chats beforehand.

The first chat will be a time for everyone to introduce themselves and where they are from (if they wish to share). A discussion can be held on what each person’s individual needs and expectations are for the chat. The moderator, Tina Sansone, Genealogy Editor, will take notes and try to arrange future chats based on everyone’s need. If there is enough interest, she will be happy to set up a chat to start a beginner’s group.

Check the genealogy forum for the first chat date soon to come and leave any questions you may have.  (First Date is November 9th at 6 PM EST)


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