Genealogy Addiction

August 19, 2008 at 6:07 am Leave a comment

My name is Tina Sansone and I am an addict, a genealogy addict.  I had my laptop in the shop since Friday and got it back an hour ago.  This past weekend I went thru some major withdrawals.  Although I checked my emails on my son’s computer, I never was on his long enough to try and do any writing or research.  On Saturday and Sunday I felt lost.  I tried to read but lost interest fast.  I did manage to do some reading in the Pro Gen book and think about contracts, etc.  But, mainly just vegetate on the couch catching up on Lifetime movies.

Maybe it is also because a week ago today my daughter moved.  Before, when she left, it was to college so I knew she would end up coming home, But, this is different as she is moving to Florida to live.  And, Tropical Storm Fay is heading that way which makes me nervous for her.  Of course, she is near Orlando, so not in direct danger. 

I had someone send me mail, which fascinates me to get these days, as usually it is email.  She found me on Familysearch and we have common ancestors.  I need to get her requested information that was on my laptop and send it to her. 

Well, I am a happy camper today as I have my security blanket back.  I do realize I need to reset my priorities and not be SO addicted to this laptop and genealogical research.  My son recently told me if he was dead I would make him a meal, even if it was midnight!  I can’t seem to recall current facts but I know Fred Paige Smith was born in Georgia in 1845!  Am I alone in this addiction?  Do we need an AA program for the genealogy addicts.

Well, I don’t think my husband and family would mind so much if money came with the obsession.  So, I am motivated to try and get that certification this year!  Then, the addiction will change over to being a career!!!


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