William Dollarhide Name Lists Books on Sale Thru March 23

Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC released the following on a GREAT Sale!

All Dollarhide Name List books, Alabama Thru Iowa, are on Sale, including the PDF eBooks. All Purchasers Receive an Immediate PDF eBook Download, allowing Instant Research! And FREE USA Shipping on Orders of $50 or more! This Sale Ends Sunday, March 23 at Midnight MDT.

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End of the Year 2013 Review

I know I have been very behind in my blog, and I had really wanted to stay on top of things in 2013. But, life got in the way, as they say,and I never stayed committed to writing here at Gtownma’s Genealogy. Which is a little embarrassing as in my last blog I actually challenged others to stay committed. I apologize to those who came here to read and found nothing new this past year. I will rededicate myself to try and do better to visit my blog more often. You can find articles I write at BellaOnline

I did stay busy this past year. Here are some of the things I accomplished or participated in during 2013:

  • I was the Vice President/Program Director for the Tennessee Genealogical Society. I had a great time doing lectures and field trips. The best part was making so many new friends!  I submitted articles to their quarterly, “Ansearchin’ News” and helped publish their newsletter. Due to family commitments, I did not run for a board position this year, but plan on volunteering as much as I can!
  • I was the VP for the Second Life Chapter – Association of Professional Genealogists. Since I do not have a local chapter here in Tennessee, this virtual chapter was a great discovery. I was elected as the 2014 President and look forward to working with a great board. I am also serving on the APG Board as their 3rd District Regional Board member. I am honored to have been selected as part of this organization.
  • I also was asked to serve as the Coordinator for the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors (ISFHWE), “Excellence in Writing” competition. Although I was not sure if I could do this, with the help of some great Judges, we had a great competition. I am also the coordinator for the 2014 competition and look forward to seeing the entries. We had some excellent writers submit last year and I am sure this year will be just as great. I even suggested we add a new category, Poetry, which was accepted.  My term for their SE Director is about to end, but hopefully will be re-elected in 2014.
  • I assist with blogging for the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) and have submitted articles to their newsletter. I am really looking forward to attending their Forensic Institute in March 2014 in Dallas, Texas.
  • I participated in the Family History Fair held in Bartlett, TN sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
  • I also clean homes part time and I have some great families to work for.
  • I became a Judge for BellaOnline’s Literary Review, Mused.
  • I was very lucky in getting some wonderful clients to do research for. I enjoy helping others discover their family history.
  • My year towards being “on the clock” for my CG certification came and I found  myself not ready to submit, so I filed an extension. I am hoping I can have it submitted before my trip in March, but have until the August deadline.
  • I am very excited about helping launch a Genealogy Club at the Germantown High School. The students there are wonderful and excited to learn about their family history. It is just getting started, and I am excited to be a part of it.
  • I organized two new groups on Facebook that have become very helpful. One is for genealogical & historical databases and the other for queries. While keeping the spammers under control has been quite the challenge, I have some awesome Admins assisting me now.
  • I did  have some minor health issues that set me back at times, but nothing serious and I hope to have a healthier 2014.
  • My daughter came home to visit in October; her husband is in the Army stationed in Germany. I was excited to meet my new grandson and see my granddaughter again. They are the sweetest things and I am so grateful for Facetime and texting.
  • Our home is for sale, and for the last few months we have been getting it ready by doing some upgrades. Funny, when you start fixing your home up, you rethink if you really want to move!
  • Tried to be a good Wife, Mother, & Grandma

Some personal goals for 2014 are:

  • Submit my CG portfolio
  • Do better in my commitment to regular writing
  • Read more
  • Work on a new website
  • Follow up on some personal goals that I will mention later when the time is right… {smile}

I also want to say how much I appreciate the new friends I made in 2013. They know who they are; I would never been able to accomplish the things I have if it were not for their support and encouragement!

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Working On My Personal Genealogy

While I have been trying to keep up to date on my genealogy writing at BellaOnline, I have gotten very behind here on my personal blog, Gtownma’s Genealogy. I have set a 2013 New Year’s goal to try to write more often. Today I will write my goal of brick wall’s I’d like to solve this next year, should I be so lucky.

I am first hopeful to do more personal research on my direct lines. There are a few lines that I was stuck on. But, with FamilySearch uploading so many new things since my last search on these lines, I might just be able to solve the puzzle next go round. Some of the people I would love to discover more on are:

  • Green W. Smith (my step mom’s grandfather) and his wife Willie Brookins, both from the Montgomery County, Georgia area. Also MS, Fl and GA states may have information I need. (See picture below)
  • Pleasant G. Alfred Cox from Alabama who may have died in Arkansas right after the Civil War. Would like to know more about this Civil War veteran, one of my direct line ancestors. 
  • Elizabeth Garris who married Adam Fralick, then Jacob Ruppenthall around 1850 when Adam died. I want to know Elizabeth’s ancestry. She resided in Autuaga County and Montgomery County, Alabama.
  • William & Mary Ann Roten from McNairy County, Tennessee. Anything on these two would be exciting, especially Mary’s maiden name!  
  • I would love to get back to researching my husband’s Sicilian lines in Termini-Imerese, Sicily. (Did I put the FHL microfilm numbers down years ago, when doing his lines in the early stages?  NO!  So, need to go back and add those citiations!)

One thing I have been reading alot about lately is the importance of putting our ancestor’s in historical context. I would like to go back to some of the families I have documented and add more historical facts for them. “Meat on the bones” I have heard it often referred to. 

And, of course, let’s not forget to cite our sources. Seems like most of us learn the beginning steps of genealogy on our own personal families. It is not til we are deep into our families or doing it for someone else that we realize, the “lightbulb” goes off, that we need to be citing our sources. I desperately need to revisit my families that I started genealogy with and add those missing citations and hope I can refind them. 

I also have many friends I have done family histories on that I would love to revisit, especially now, as I stated earlier, so much has been added to help us in our research. I also hope to be able to do more non-internet research this next year — court houses, library, cemeteries, archives, etc. That is where the excitement truly lies!

So, join me in 2013 in working more on our personal genealogical lines. Set a goal to do it weekly or monthly. I am hopeful to spend at least one weekend a month on my personal genealogy. 


Green W. Smith & Willie Brookins


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Family History Fair – June 16 in Bartlett, TN

The public is invited to the Family History Fair hosted by the LDS Church on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

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1940 U.S. Census Discoveries

On April 2, 2012 the 1940 Census was released! It has been a very exciting time to both Index and also search out the families I research. I would like to share with you the exciting things I have discovered!

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Feel Good Feeling Indexing the 1940 Census

We all like to have that “feel good feeling” for doing something worthwhile and helpful. Come learn how you can get that “feel good feeling” helping index the 1940 census!

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The Microwave Oven, An Accidental Invention

The 1940’s had many technological advances, but there is one invention that most households use today that was discovered quite by accident. Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven. He was employed at Raytheon in 1941 and working with magnetron. Come read more about Percy Spencer.

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