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Genealogical Events

Here are some wonderful genealogical events you might want to consider for the upcoming year. The friends and networking opportunities, along with the knowledge you will gain, will well be worth the financial commitment.

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THE GREAT AMERICAN LOCAL POEM GENEALOGY CHALLENGE! I am submitting poem by Patricia Neely-Dorsey, “Southern Life”. Enjoy.

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Casefile Clues Assessment

Casefile Clues is Michael John Neill’s weekly how-to genealogy column. Casefile Clues is not copied and pasted text from other articles or press-releases. Rather, it is fresh material drawn from Michael’s own research experiences in nearly twenty states and seven foreign countries. Casefile Clues discusses the thought process of how to analyze and interpret documents; how to problem-solve; and how to decide “where to go next.”

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Netbook Review

Cheryl Rothwell, Illinois Gen Web coordinator, gives her review of Netbooks.

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Sins and Appropriate Punishments (according to me)

One of our stories we are reading are discussings sins and punishment. For fun, our teacher told us in our discussion (this is an online class) to lists some things we feel should maybe be sins and the appropriate punishment. Here are some of my ideas. What are yours?

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The Association of Graveyard Rabbits

The Association of Graveyard Rabbits is an organization I have recently heard a lot about. Not really knowing what was all about, I decided to do some research to learn more about it and inform you.

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Why Me?

I was looking for a poem or inspiration message to put in my talk for church this morning. I found this and it touched my heart, so I wanted to share it with you. It is called, “Why Me?”.

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The Civil War Impact on Champion Cox

This article was written for a memorial service for Richard Hightower “Champion” Cox and continues the story of his life and struggles. This sections deals with the Civil War and the impact it had on his life. (This is parts 2 & 3)

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Contemplating Death

This past week has made me think of what will happen to me when I die. Not the “afterdeath” experience, but “ME” here on the Earth after I have gone.

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Ohana Webinars for July 2009

Here is the release of July 2009 Ohana webinars. Enjoy…..

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